Vicuna in Patagonia

Latin America Programs Publications

Papers published 2020-2022

Wildlife Disease Outbreaks & Mass Mortality Events

  1. Hebe del Valle Ferreyra, Jaime Rudd, Janet Foley, Ralph E. T. Vanstreels, Ana M. Martín, Emiliano Donadio, Marcela M. Uhart. 2022. Sarcoptic mange outbreak decimates South American wild camelid populations in San Guillermo National Park, Argentina. PLoS ONE 17(1): e0256616.
  2. Quintana, F., Uhart, M.M., Gallo, L., Mattera, M.B., Rimondi, A., Gómez-Laich, A. Heat-related massive chick mortality in an Imperial Cormorant Leucocarbo atriceps colony from Patagonia, Argentina. Polar Biology (2022).
  3. Diego Montecino-Latorre, Constanza Napolitano, Cristóbal Briceño, Marcela M. Uhart. 2020. Sarcoptic mange: an emerging threat to Chilean wild mammals? Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.​1016/​j.​pecon.​2020.​09.​007

Impacts of Plastic Debris on Marine Wildlife

  1. Luciana Gallo, Marcela Uhart, Alice Pereira, Patricia Pereira Serafini. Métodos para Avaliação da Exposição a Poluentes Plásticos em Procellariiformes: Revisão e Padronização de Protocolos". 2021. Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade Biodiversidade Brasileira, 11(3): 1-16, 2021DOI
  2. Ralph Eric Thijl Vanstreels, Luciana Gallo, Patricia P. Serafini, Allan P. Santos, Leandro Egert, Marcela M. Uhart. 2021. Ingestion of plastics and other debris by coastal and pelagic birds along the coast of Espírito Santo, Eastern Brazil. Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 173, Part B, 2021, 113046,
  3. Alzugaray L., Di Martino M., Beltramino L., Rowntree V.J., Sironi M., Uhart M.M. 2020. Marine debris in the digestive tract of a Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) stranded in Golfo Nuevo, Argentina. Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol. 161, Part A, December 2020, 111738.​1016/​j.​marpolbul.​2020.​111738

Southern Right Whale Population Health

  1. Valeria C. D’Agostino, Alejandro Fernández Ajó, Mariana Degrati, Bernd Krock, Kathleen E. Hunt, Marcela Uhart, Charles Loren Buck. Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) exposure to domoic acid at the Península Valdés breeding ground and potential endocrine correlates. Oecologia
  2. Taylor R. Azizeh, Kate R. Sprogis, Raquel Soley, Mia L. K. Nielsen, Marcela M. Uhart, Mariano Sironi, Carina F. Marón, Lars Bejder, Peter T. Madsen, Fredrik Christiansen. 2021. Acute and chronic behavioral effects of kelp gull micropredation on southern right whale mother–calf pairs off Península Valdés, Argentina. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Vol. 668: 133–148, 2021. DOI:
  3. Carina F. Marón, María Carla Lábaque, Lucas Beltramino, Matías Di Martino, Lucía Alzugaray, Alejandro A. Fernández Ajó, Frederick R. Adler, Jon Seger, Mariano Sironi, Victoria J. Rowntree, Marcela Uhart. 2021. Patterns of blubber fat deposition and evaluation of body condition in growing southern right whale calves (Eubalaena australis). Marine Mammal Science. 2021; 1– 21.
  4. Carina F. Marón, Suzanne M. Budge, Robert E. Ward, Luciano O. Valenzuela, Matías Di Martino, Marcos Ricciardi, Mariano Sironi, Marcela Uhart, Jon Seger, Victoria J. Rowntree. 2020. Evaluation of fatty acids and stable isotopes in southern right whale calves (Eubalaena australis) in relation to age and mortality at Península Valdés, Argentina. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Vol. 646: 189–200.
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Lead Toxicity from Spent Ammunition in Wildlife, Humans, and the Environment

  1. Fernández V, Caselli A, Tammone A, Condorí WE, Vanstreels RET, Delaloye A, Sosa C, Uhart M. 2021. Lead exposure in dogs fed offal and refuse from culled invasive species in El Palmar National Park, Argentina. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.
  2. Tammone A, Caselli AE, Condorí WE, Fernandez V, Estein SM, Vanstreels RET, Sosa C, Delaloye A, Uhart MM. 2021. Lead exposure in consumers of culled invasive alien mammals in El Palmar National Park, Argentina. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

One Health

  1. Catherine Machalaba, Marcela Uhart, Marie-Pierre Ryser-Degiorgis & William B Karesh. 2021. Gaps in health security related to wildlife and environment affecting pandemic prevention and preparedness, 2007–2020. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2021;99:342-350B.
  2. Machalaba C., Feferholtz Y., Uhart M. and Karesh W.B. 2020. Wildlife conservation status and disease trends: 10 years of reports to the Worldwide Monitoring System for Wild Animal Diseases. Rev. Sci. Tech. Off. Int. Epiz., 39 (3): 991-1001.

Zoonotic Pathogen Surveillance in Wildlife

  1. Andres M. López-Pérez, Andrea Chaves, Sokani Sanchez, Marcela Uhart, Julio Barron, Patrick Foley, Ingeborg Becker, Gerardo Suzan, Janet Foley. 2021. Diversity of rickettsiae in domestic, synanthropic, and sylvatic mammals and their ectoparasites in a spotted fever- epidemic region at the western US-Mexico border. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. 2021;00:1– 14.
  2. Nicole S. Torosin, Timothy H. Webster, Hernan Argibay, Hebe Ferreyra, Marcela Uhart, Ilaria Agostini, Leslie A. Knapp. 2020. Positively selected variants in functionally important regions of TLR7 in Alouatta guariba clamitans with yellow fever virus exposure in Northern Argentina. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 2020;e24086.