In the Media

In the Media

10/22/19, The San Francisco Chronicle, Climate havoc wipes out coastal kelp as SF Bay’s native fish species die off

10/12/19, BBC Mundo, Ballenas: cómo se las ingenian los científicos para pesar a los animales más grandes de la Tierra (en Espanól)

8/20/19, The Nature Conservancy, Destination Nature: A Path for Mountain Lions (podcast)

7/20/19, The Islands' Sounder, Deadly rabbit disease confirmed in the San Juans

7/19/19, Seattle Times, Questions linger after Canada releases report about 2016 death of endangered orca J34

7/17/19, Global News, Rescuers make slow progress on freeing entangled North Atlantic right whales

6/27/19, The College Today, Alumna Cares for All Creatures Great and Small

6/27/19, KPBS-San Diego, Interview with Wildlife Health Center veterinarian Dr. Winston Vickers 

5/18/19, Toronto Sun, Another adult Southern resident killer whale, calf found in poor health

5/2/19, VIN News Service, For killer whales in the Northwest, the doctor is in

5/1/19, The Los Angeles Times, Gray whales are starving to death in the Pacific, and scientists want to know why

3/20/19, Los Angeles TimesAs Southern California cougars near 'extinction vortex,' a radical rescue plan emerges 

1/30/19, NPR, Massive Starfish Die-Off Is Tied To Global Warming

1/30/19, The Seattle Times, West Coast’s biggest starfish vanishing amid disease, warming oceans, study finds

6/26/18, El Mercurio, Dogs are a serious problem for their attacks on livestock (en Español)

6/22/18, Audobon: This Common Form of Plastic Pollution Is a Menace to Birds